Monday, March 31, 2008

New Bags!

I finished up some new bags and they are now on sale in my shop on Etsy. A special thank you to the buyer who purchased the newest Meredith Tote - Asian Cherry Blossom! It really is absolutely beautiful fabric, I just hope the computer monitors do it justice. As I mentioned in a previous post this is precisely the fabric I have been somewhat patiently waiting for.

Ok so today is the last day to post a comment and be entered into the drawing for the Jasmine Clutch. Post your comments through midnight tonight and tomorrow I will draw the lucky name and post the winner here by noon.

And today is the last day for 20% off any handbag and the last day for free shipping.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Relaxing Saturday

I thought today would be hectic and a bit on the busy side but it turned out to be a pretty pleasant day. I spent the afternoon with my Aunt who is a very young 87 year old. We ordered pizza and chatted and looked at old pictures. What amazing clothes the women wore in the 40's. I have always been drawn to that style, I love the tailored look. The women always looked so impeccable too. My aunt had some fabulous clothes back then...too bad they are gone.

My fabrics arrived today as well. Love that feeling when you see the package and cannot wait to open it. These fabrics were ordered almost 6 weeks ago, placed on back order, and the company had no idea when they would be shipped. To my surprise I rec'd an e-mail a couple of days ago stating they were shipped and would be on my doorstep today!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Trends

First...a huge Thank You to all of you who have recently signed up for our newsletter. As you have noticed you get special coupons and deals nobody else is offered. If you have not signed up yet please do so here on our blog. Another newsletter will be coming out soon and you don't want to miss anything!

According to Fashion-Era the top trends for Spring 2008 include Volume and lots of it. Voluminous skirts (dirndl), romantic blouses (which includes ruffles), and asymmetric draped dresses. On the flip side of that you will see nautical tailoring, and a bit of tribal influence. And lots of patterns including ombre's, florals, and bright colors. I don't know about you but I don't feel comfortable dressing in florals or bright colors (maybe it's an age thing;). So to keep fashionable I plan on focusing on my accessories.

I think if you go with the volume you need to focus on streamling those accessories to keep a good balance. Especially if you do the romantic ruffle look you will definately need to keep the accessories sleek looking.

I have to admit I love bold bright florals so I am waiting anxiously for the new fabric I purchased to arrive. Yes you guessed bright bold florals!

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. All names are counted for each and every time you comment.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fashion Blogs

Have you noticed how many fashion blogs there are!? It seems every brand, designer, store has a blog. It is becoming a necessity like web sites were a few years ago. I spent some time today looking at new fashion trends and noticed the large volume of these blogs. I did notice each one had its own style and goal. My goal here is to offer fashion tips, provide ideas on what to pair with what, and share with you Blue Orchid's latest designs.

Do you have any favorite fashion blogs? If so share them with us here! you use these blogs to gather advice and ideas? Is there something you would like to talk about here? Don't forget each time you comment your name is dropped in the basket!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok I promised a are the details.

Starting today, each and every person who comments on my blog will have their name added to a basket. The more comments the more times your name will be added to the basket and the higher your chances of winning! So post often. On April 1, 2008 (no joke) one lucky person will receive the Jasmine Asian Dreams envelope clutch. I will draw names the morning of April 1, 2008 and will notify all on my blog the lucky recipient's name. Good luck and thank you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Sale

I am simply tired of snow. So to celebrate Spring's arrival I am having a 20% off each and every bag sale this week in my Etsy shop. The free shipping still stands too:)

We keep hearing how the economy is not in good shape and I know I am not buying too many new clothes this Spring. But accessories can brighten up and jumpstart any old wardrobe right! I have a great pair of black capri's I bought from Ann Taylor last Spring. I can throw on a white tank top and maybe the black and white Sabrina Tote bag and I am set for the day. A quick switch from flip flops to sandals and how about the black and white Jasmine Clutch and I am ready for the evening! Quick and simple...and less expensive.

What are your thoughts this Spring on updating your wardrobe?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Indie Designers

I have been asked a few times this week what an Indie Designer is. I consider myself to be an Indie Designer so I thought it best to post a note here about the Indie movement.

Indie designers are independent designers, artists and craftspeople who design and make a wide array of products typically clothing, jewelry, and handbags without being part of a large corporation. Indie designers create small runs on their designs, and do the majority of the work themselves. Buying from an Indie means you are receiving a product that is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and available in a limited amount.

Here is a sneak peak of my latest bag. Her name is, fresh, and vibrant!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thinking of a contest...

I have been pondering the idea of a giveaway on my blog. I have heard success stories from other bloggers and think this would be a great way to promote yourself. I plan on working out the details this week and will post the giveaway rules and deadline next week.

I have finally brought to life a bag that has been in my head for quite some time now. I knew what I wanted but not sure of the mechanics. I sketched for some time, played with the math (yuck) and finally took scissors to fabric! I will be doing the final handstitching tonight (hopefully) and will have it up on Etsy tomorrow.

In the meantime I took a pic of my studio buddy Susie.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Etsy has a lot to offer!

I finally have a few of my bags on my Etsy shop, please take a look. I have to admit I spent the last two days visiting all the forums on Etsy and responding when I could. I am happy to say that Etsy has a lot to offer any artist trying to sell their products. I am also finding a lot of great people willing to share their tips for success and even more just super friendly people.

I was accepted at Trunkt today as well! I heard the competition is quite tough there and they only accept a few artists, which means getting accepted certainly does a body good.

A final note...a friend of mine has started his own business...Interview Connections. If you are ever in the need for advice on interviewing, resume help, or all around career coaching please look him up. Tell him Jackie sent you:)