Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cap Sleeve Jacket

Ah the cap sleeve jacket, perfect alternative to a long sleeve jacket when the weather heats up and you still have to look professional. A short sleeve jacket is fun and flirty so have some fun when pairing it with other pieces! Think simple t-shirts, camisoles or how about a ruffly blouse. Don't be afraid to wear it now with a long sleeve top and a pair of dark denims. When choosing accessories look for a bold necklace or a big chunky bracelet.

This black jacket easily transitions to work wear when paired with a pencil skirt and silky blouse. I hear you - what if you don't want to bear your arms?  Look for a short sleeve jacket with arms a bit longer than a cap sleeve. This jacket from Macy's is perfect and it's on sale for $35.99!

What a great look!

And if you sew...on sale for only $3.00 at the Butterick site.

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