Monday, June 28, 2010

What a storm

What a storm yesterday afternoon. The day was oppressively hot and the air was so thick it probably was inevitable. We met the storm on the freeway of all places! Our son had called with news that the patio table and chairs were all over the backyard and he wasn't sure if anything broke (minor damage thankfully). Husband and I headed back home and wow the rain and wind was incredible. The amount of water on the road was amazing and downright scary. Thankfully we saw no accidents.

Promised a peak into my studio...some of my fabrics (I really mean some;)

And my business partner!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I hate to admit it but I am a terrible blogger. I have so much to say (go ahead verify it with my husband;)I just put it off and then realize it's been weeks - ok months since I updated everyone. Times are a changing! My goal is to blog on a weekly basis at first and then hopefully move up to 2x a week. We're taking it slow can you tell???

I have studio news to share, fashion finds to share, other great artists to share. So I figure let's share. What does that mean for you? Lot's of fresh style news and a peak into my little studio. And I want you to share too. Have a great find to share or have a style question send them my way. We'll do this together.

Current news...our 3 day sale has been extended through June 25 - take 40% off any purchase, enter 'summer40' during checkout. We had some technical difficulties and we do apologize for that. Happy Shopping!

Talk soon:)